Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pick a Little, Talk a Little

It's weird how a musical with songs I've heard my whole life but never watched (until this year) can be so prominent in my home.  You'd think my boys had paid no attention to The Music Man when we went to see it (to support my sister and her family) in May.  The way they carried on was less ideal for audience behavior.  They sat in the front row with their cousins Jordan and Jasmine and they laughed and made fun of things, imitating what they saw and heard, not understanding the plot.  But when "Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little" began, they all listened even though they didn't look like they were listening.

One of us 3 sings Pick A Little, Talk A Little at least once a week now.  It's a song about gossiping.  Gossip isn't nice, but the song is sort of fun.  My sister was one of the Pick-a-Little Ladies in The Music Man. 

She's the one in the brown dress suit and greenish scarf thingy.

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