Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly.'

I just put on my iTunes Owl City playlist to help me feel like getting my tasks done.  I was about to go start on my bedroom but then I remembered how much I distinctly DESPISE going shopping.  If I have any shopping to do, or any errands at all, I must go in the first half of the day to avoid crowds, lines, traffic, and shelves being sparsely stocked.  We have been looking for something we all 3 like: 

I've been eating these for about 4 years now.  I try not to eat much bread anymore because I did some testing with my uncle Kory, who is a brilliant holistic health practitioner/chiropractic internist/energy testing/healing-type specialist.

I don't exactly know all his titles but here's a link to his practice at Premier Wellness:

Last summer I asked him to test me on gluten.  At that time I was struggling to lose some weight and feel less tired, more energy, and etc.  He said his impression at that time was that I did not need to decrease the gluten in my diet, but that it is a very wise lifestyle choice for anyone due to the complications in wheat and wheat-based foods today.  Well, in January and March of this year he tested me again and found that most assuredly my body doesn't like gluten.  Likewise, one of my 2 boys struggles with gluten.  He has been constipated and uncomfortable since February.  I can tell you more about that journey on another entry, since it's been a learning process and very frustrating as well as rewarding.  But anyway, when I began to decrease [Interruption about a mouse in our Catchmaster trap happened right here] the wheat bread, tortillas, pancakes, and cereals I was eating, I began to lose weight and have more energy.  Joshua's problems seem to be decreasing as well, but we are still struggling with getting him to eat enough fiber and helping him 'go potty.'

So back to these Rice Cakes.  I like to put avocado and cheese on them.  Joshua likes them with peanut butter or just plain mayonnaise or mustard.  He also likes canned chicken on them.  I grew up eating them with butter and honey but I wouldn't try that now.  Nasty!  But rice cakes are great when you just want to munch something that has a little taste and a little salt.  I eat them plain.  

Anyway, now to go to the store before it gets any later.  It's still morning, and I want to fill this day with productivity!

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