Saturday, June 22, 2013

My dad gifted me with some Horizon organic chocolate milk this evening. Boy is it good.

About 2 or more years ago I asked a friend to fill in the blanks between high school and present day, if possible, to "catch up" on so many years.  As a result, I got to spent some time reading through his web journal entries.

Seeing his blog made me re-visit the idea of creating my own web journal.  My brother also started a Blog so I've been reading it recently, and my sister has one here.  I don't fancy the idea of sitting in front of a web camera and talking about my day on a YouTube channel, so this will do for now.  I like writing in a journal book, but I always say I will and I never do. When I type, my hands don't get sore like they do when holding a pen for a long time.  I'm detailed.  It is a challenge for me to be brief with any writing.  I'm hoping I'll have many days with short entries just to prove to myself that I can say a lot while writing little.

Chocolate Milk could be my downfall if allowed...
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